Tree of Life 2

New Design – Art Deco Tree of Life

This papercut ketubah features an Art Deco inspired design, with a stylized tree along with the clean lines and strong verticals that characterize the look. It’s available now in the shop.

Mizrach 1 - 4

New Ketubah Design: Mizrach

Adding a new design to my catalog is always exciting and this time is no exception. Mizrach means East in Hebrew. This design is inspired by classical motifs that Mizrachi Jews would be quite familiar with. This is a four layer design. It means that four layers have to fit perfectly together. Since these are not […]

Kelly and Andrew’s Wedding

Kelly and Andrew were kind enough to share this photo from their ketubah signing. I recently posted about their ketubah, with various close-up photos. To see it in context, though is another thing entirely. You can see another photo in the New York Times along with more pics of their beautiful wedding, which was featured in the […]

Bespoke Ketubah

Olinala Style Custom Ketubah

  My latest commission was a rather challenging request. My client asked for something based on the traditional Mexican folk art of olinàla, or oil painted furniture. The idea was to work within the tropes and design style of the technique, but instead of layers of paint, it would be layers of paper. I have done […]

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

A colleague of mine referred a lovely couple from New York who had only the beginnings of an idea as to a design. They thought about having a hamsa and some floral elements around it. I spoke to them and asked them if they wanted to add a personal touch. Since this was to be […]

Free DIY Rosh Hashanah Cards!

Rosh Hashanah is coming up and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and joyous new year. I designed a papercut Rosh Hashanah card you can print and cut yourself. You can find it in my downloads page, here. The card is absolutely free for your personal use. You can make a set and give them […]

Tracey Custom Ketubah Closeup

A Custom Ketubah Order Featuring the City of Boston

I really enjoyed working on this commission for a custom ketubah order. The request left a lot of room for interpretation. The instructions were for this ketubah to include the bride’s two cats, include some elements from the couple’s life, and to use some bright metallic accents. Originally I went with a design that looked […]

A couple of new designs are up!

I just introduced three new designs to the shop! You might recognize the first one, as it’s an adaptation of a design I showed a while back. I muted the colors a bit and I love the tranquil look of it. In keeping with the abstracts theme, I added a geometric abstract design that has […]

Gretchen and Andrew's Ketubah

Gretchen and Andrew’s Wedding

Gretchen and Andrew were kind enough to send me photos from their wedding. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Gretchen in person while I was in New York earlier this summer, visiting family. I made their ketubah while I was in the US, and personally delivered it to her in Manhattan. It was a beautiful day […]

Papel Picado Ketubah

Papel Picado Ketubah

  Papercutting in Mexico is called papel picado. It is considered a folk art and has its own tradition behind it. A couple getting married in Mexico wanted me to design a ketubah in the style of papel picado. Many of the traditional  motifs involve skeletons, doves, and roses. And the colors are usually very bold. I […]