Brian and Deena’s Ketubah

Brian putting his signature on his white sunburst ketubah It’s wonderful to hear back from past clients. Brian and Deena were kind enough to share these beautiful photos from their wedding. Their ketubah is the Helios design in white, gray and gold.

Bespoke Ketubah San Francisco 1

Custom Ketubah With San Francisco Skyline

A custom ketubah with a very personal view of San Francisco Custom ketubah orders are made to be very personal. I was approached by a couple in California who really liked my tree with skyline design and asked if I had a San Francisco ketubah (I do). The skyline in the SF design wasn’t exactly the […]

Finding the Perfect Jewish Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress for a Jewish wedding doesn’t need to be stressful Finding the perfect traditional Jewish wedding dress is not an easy task. When I was looking for my own wedding dress years ago, I had certain specifications I was set on. I had this idea in my head of my “perfect” dress. I […]

Custom Ketubah With Redwood Trees 12

Andrea and Andrew’s Ketubah With Trees – Redwoods and Bike

Andrea and Andrew live in a landscape dominated by massive redwood trees. Because of the impact of their surroundings, it made sense that they wanted their custom ketubah with trees. The scale of redwood forests is hard to grasp, but this was clearly something that they wanted to emphasize in a custom design. Admittedly, this meant that I […]

write your own ketubah

Write Your Own Ketubah Text

If you are having trouble locating the perfect ketubah text, try writing your own. You don’t need to be a professional writer to write your own meaningful ketubah. All you need is time and some inspiration. This will give you the perfect opportunity to talk to your future spouse about what is important to you […]