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A couple of new designs are up!

I just introduced three new designs to the shop!

You might recognize the first one, as it’s an adaptation of a design I showed a while back. I muted the colors a bit and I love the tranquil look of it.Colorado 1Colorado 3 Colorado 2
In keeping with the abstracts theme, I added a geometric abstract design that has a wonderful interplay between the layers, allowing for a wide variety of colors and feelings to come through.
Abstract 12Abstract 5  Abstract 6
And finally, a peacock! This one is a bit different for me, as the influences are more Eastern than usual. Peacocks are a classic theme for ketubah designs, and can be found in ketubot as far back as the 1700s. Pay particular attention to the paper in the close-up photo. It is a beautifully textured silver paper made here in Israel that looks fantastic behind this papercut.
Peacock 9 Peacock 8 Peacock 3