Custom Papercut Ketubah

New Bespoke Ketubah Design

I have been very busy with custom ketubah orders. I just finished this one. It is a multi-layer papercut. My client originally came to me with a very simple request. She wanted some trees to represent the fact that she and her fiancee love the outdoors and a portrait of their dog. She also said […]

Made In Magazine

I Was Featured In Made In Magazine

I did an interview for Made In Magazine. They asked me a lot of very personal questions ranging from my papercut ketubah art to what my favorite drink is. It’s a glimpse into my life if you’re curious. Click the here to see the article.

Tevet - G'di 2

The Jewish Zodiac

Why the Zodiac is Jewish And a new papercut in honor of the capricorn My Hebrew birthday is in Tevet, smack in the middle of the month of December this year. Yet I was born in January, which makes me a capricorn…confused? In my case, I happened to be born in a year that the […]

kikar 3

My Personal Projects

I Have Projects Besides Ketubah Art Looking at my website one might think that I only make ketubot, but I actually have several ongoing personal projects that I do on a larger scale as well. Here are a couple of photos.

ACEO Birds of Paradise

New Papercut ACEO Are Up!

What’s an ACEO? It stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. This is a very specific medium in which the artwork must be exactly 3.5″x2.5″, or the size of a trading card. ACEOs are collectible and display well in a frame, and make perfect gifts. In other words, these are exceptionally intricate miniature papercut works […]

Classical Jewish Papercut

What is Jewish Papercutting?

Today Jewish papercutting is almost synonymous with the art of the ketubah. In the past few decades the art form has seen a veritable renaissance in Israel, with artists really pushing the medium to its thematic and technical limits. What does it mean for papercutting to be “Jewish,” though? Papercut artwork has been a part […]

3D printing

The Marriage of Weddings and Tech

Futuristic Tech You Can Use In Your Wedding Today Weddings are one of the last places you expect to see cutting edge technology. They are the epitome of tradition. But there is no escaping the fact that we live in a world largely influenced by technology, and its influence is already deeply entrenched in weddings. […]

Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid

Here’s 2014’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color Forecast For 2014 These are the colors you will see everywhere next season, including your ketubah Every year there are certain colors you see everywhere you look. Flip a fashion magazine, open a home decor catalog, browse clothing store windows, it doesn’t matter where you look — certain colors will jump out at […]

New Design For Sale: Ketubah With Feathers

Feathers are making a huge comeback as a wedding theme this year. Flapper themed dresses abound, and brides are forgoing flower bouquets in favor of bundled feathers. It makes perfect sense. Feathers are a symbol of purity, virtue, and faithfulness. All qualities intrinsic to the spirit of marriage. They are the tool of scribes, used […]