Michael Horton - Royal Ketubah

The Ketubah Tradition Breaking Cultural Barriers

The ketubah is a formal document at the Jewish wedding in which the couple defines their responsibilities to one another. All traditions have a way of exchanging promises, often in the form of reciting vows at the altar, but in recent years, many couples who are not Jewish have also embraced the ketubah as a […]

Mary and Michael Wedding

Mary and Michael’s Wedding

Mary and Michael sent me photos from their wedding showing their ketubah after the signing, along with these kind words: Hi Oren: I just wanted to thank you, once again, for creating our beautiful Ketubah. We’ll cherish it always. The best part of what I do is hearing how my work enters people’s lives and […]

Laser Cutting Machine

Paper Cut Ketubah vs. Laser Cut ketubah

  Laser Cut Ketubah vs. Paper Cut Ketubahs Is There A Difference? Ketubahs made of cut paper are very beautiful and it’s no wonder that they’re very popular choices for couples. You have no doubt seen them described as either “papercut ketubahs” or  “lasercut ketubahs”. In the photos they look like the same thing, but […]

Ancient Ketubah - 1700s Venice

What is a Ketubah? About an Ancient Tradition

What is a Ketubah? A short history of the tradition The ketubah is one of three requirements for a Jewish wedding. The other two being the ring and the chuppah. Simply put it is a marriage contract. To put it another way, the traditional ketubah is not merely a contract of marriage, it is a […]

Haley and Rob’s Wedding

I designed Haley and Rob’s ketubah a while back and they were kind enough to share photos from their wedding with me. It was a beautiful ceremony and the wonderful photography by Courtney McIntosh really brings it to life. A big thank you to Haley and Rob for sharing.     The bride and groom […]

PapercutsByOren Finally has a new website

This is a very exciting day. After going this past year with only Etsy as my main website, I finally decided to create my own home on the web. This will provide all the information you would want about my work, a convenient place to communicate with me, and a place where you can purchase […]