New Ketubah Design: Mizrach

Mizrach 1 - 4

Adding a new design to my catalog is always exciting and this time is no exception. Mizrach means East in Hebrew. This design is inspired by classical motifs that Mizrachi Jews would be quite familiar with.

Mizrach 1 - 7

This is a four layer design. It means that four layers have to fit perfectly together. Since these are not lasercut, each ketubah will have a life of its own. A regularly repeating pattern lends itself to visual interest and the layers work together to form an optical dance.

Mizrach 1 - 6

The colors can vary. From a bright and colorful look to a more subdued and elegant feel. Colors can make this design either vibrate like it’s alive or quiet it down as though it were basking in moonlight.

Mizrach 1 - 5

Mizrach 1 - 3 Mizrach 1 - 2 Mizrach 1 - 1