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Trees and Life – Two New Ketubah Designs

Trees! I created a new papercut ketubah design to honor trees and brought back and simplified one of my previous custom made designs.  There is no more wonderful symbol for a marriage than a tree. Ketubah artwork has featured trees as a motif for centuries. And in relation to marriage, the connection is thousands of years old.

Trees reflect putting down roots and building stability and a platform on which to grow. In an endless process of growth and renewal, trees reach upward ever higher and branch out to produce their flowers and fruit. The metaphor is hard to miss, and absolutely perfect in the context of building a new life in a union.

Ketubah with tree and arabesque pearl

White on gray is a peaceful and elegant combination.


The arabesque trellis is a nod to Middle Eastern traditions, but not overtly so.


The tree is intricately cut in positive and negative shapes.

Ketubah with tree and arabesque mid gray 2

Papercutting echoes the dappled light and shadow that trees cast.

Ketubah with tree and arabesque cream 6


This design started out as a custom design. I simplified it and adapted it so I could offer it in my online shop.

papercut ketubah tree of life gefen 5

The burgundy wine color complements the theme of the grapes in the vineyard. But this design would look great in any color.

papercut ketubah tree of life gefen 4