Bespoke Ketubah San Francisco 1

Custom Ketubah With San Francisco Skyline

A custom ketubah with a very personal view of San Francisco Custom ketubah orders are made to be very personal. I was approached by a couple in California who really liked my tree with skyline design and asked if I had a San Francisco ketubah (I do). The skyline in the SF design wasn’t exactly the […]

Custom Ketubah With Redwood Trees 12

Andrea and Andrew’s Ketubah With Trees – Redwoods and Bike

Andrea and Andrew live in a landscape dominated by massive redwood trees. Because of the impact of their surroundings, it made sense that they wanted their custom ketubah with trees. The scale of redwood forests is hard to grasp, but this was clearly something that they wanted to emphasize in a custom design. Admittedly, this meant that I […]

Papercut Ketubah Hamsa Arabesque 6

New Ketubot – Arabesques and Hamsas

Middle Eastern Ketubot With Arabesque and Hamsa design elements are perennial favorites for couples who want a distinctly traditional Jewish look to their ketubah. I decided to make two new designs that merge the two themes. I tried something a bit different for these two ketubahs. Instead of placing the text inside of a square […]

Trees and Life – Two New Ketubah Designs

Trees! I created a new papercut ketubah design to honor trees and brought back and simplified one of my previous custom made designs.  There is no more wonderful symbol for a marriage than a tree. Ketubah artwork has featured trees as a motif for centuries. And in relation to marriage, the connection is thousands of years old. […]

Chicago 2

New Chicago Skyline Papercut Ketubah Design

A couple in Chicago wanted a papercut ketubah design that really shows off the skyline. There are lots of magnificent buildings in Chicago, so I had to utilize the entire length of the paper I use in an intense horizontal layout. Even at full size, I was working with cuts as narrow as 1/64″. Watching the […]

Bespoke Ketubah DNA Love 12

Bespoke Papercut Ketubah 11 Layer Design

I made this very intricate custom designed ketubah for a lovely couple in New Jersey. The bride is a doctor and she asked for two DNA strands that come together as one. This is a really beautiful sentiment to want to capture. It really speaks to the future they envision together, but also to the […]

Bespoke Papercut Ketubah Vineyard 5

Custom made Papercut Ketubah – Vineyard

I recently made this bespoke papercut ketubah design for a lovely couple in Texas. They got married in a california vineyard and wanted something that felt Jewish but not too traditional. This design came out very serene and elegant and I loved making it for them. It is large, at almost 24″ in height and […]

Intertwined Trees Papercut Ketubah 6

Intertwined Trees Ketubah for Efrat and Josh

Efrat and Josh were kind enough to share photos from their beautiful wedding. They chose an intertwined tree ketubah for their wedding. This is a new design that I just put on my website, so it’s making its debut along with the photos from their wedding.  This design differs a bit from my usual way of […]

Tree of Life 2

New Design – Art Deco Tree of Life

This papercut ketubah features an Art Deco inspired design, with a stylized tree along with the clean lines and strong verticals that characterize the look. It’s available now in the shop.

Mizrach 1 - 4

New Ketubah Design: Mizrach

Adding a new design to my catalog is always exciting and this time is no exception. Mizrach means East in Hebrew. This design is inspired by classical motifs that Mizrachi Jews would be quite familiar with. This is a four layer design. It means that four layers have to fit perfectly together. Since these are not […]