How to Choose Your Ketubah Text

Figuring out the right Ketubah text to use can seem tricky and daunting at first. You might be wondering where to begin. […]

Mizrach 1 - 4

New Ketubah Design: Mizrach

Adding a new design to my catalog is always exciting and this time is no exception. Mizrach means East in Hebrew. This […]

Bespoke Ketubah

Olinala Style Custom Ketubah

  My latest commission was a rather challenging request. My client asked for something based on the traditional Mexican folk art of […]

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

A colleague of mine referred a lovely couple from New York who had only the beginnings of an idea as to a […]

A couple of new designs are up!

I just introduced three new designs to the shop! You might recognize the first one, as it’s an adaptation of a design […]

Papel Picado Ketubah

Papel Picado Ketubah

  Papercutting in Mexico is called papel picado. It is considered a folk art and has its own tradition behind it. A couple […]

Custom Papercut Ketubah

New Bespoke Ketubah Design

I have been very busy with custom ketubah orders. I just finished this one. It is a multi-layer papercut. My client originally […]