ketubah font and color options

Tips on Choosing A Color Palette for Your Ketubah

  “New York City Skyline with Roses” in Assorted Colors How To Choose A Ketubah? When choosing your Ketubah, whether you’re going with one of the standard designs or something completely customized, one of the big choices you have to make is in choosing your color palette. All the standard design colors you see in […]

How to Choose Your Ketubah Text

Figuring out the right Ketubah text to use can seem tricky and daunting at first. You might be wondering where to begin. The truth is, there are many ways to choose the right text that is meaningful and a good fit for and your partner. First and foremost, your Ketubah text will be determined on […]

Trees and Life – Two New Ketubah Designs

Trees! I created a new papercut ketubah design to honor trees and brought back and simplified one of my previous custom made designs.  There is no more wonderful symbol for a marriage than a tree. Ketubah artwork has featured trees as a motif for centuries. And in relation to marriage, the connection is thousands of years old. […]

Chicago 2

New Chicago Skyline Papercut Ketubah Design

A couple in Chicago wanted a papercut ketubah design that really shows off the skyline. There are lots of magnificent buildings in Chicago, so I had to utilize the entire length of the paper I use in an intense horizontal layout. Even at full size, I was working with cuts as narrow as 1/64″. Watching the […]

Mizrach 1 - 4

New Ketubah Design: Mizrach

Adding a new design to my catalog is always exciting and this time is no exception. Mizrach means East in Hebrew. This design is inspired by classical motifs that Mizrachi Jews would be quite familiar with. This is a four layer design. It means that four layers have to fit perfectly together. Since these are not […]

Bespoke Ketubah

Olinala Style Custom Ketubah

  My latest commission was a rather challenging request. My client asked for something based on the traditional Mexican folk art of olinàla, or oil painted furniture. The idea was to work within the tropes and design style of the technique, but instead of layers of paint, it would be layers of paper. I have done […]

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

Alice in Wonderland Ketubah

A colleague of mine referred a lovely couple from New York who had only the beginnings of an idea as to a design. They thought about having a hamsa and some floral elements around it. I spoke to them and asked them if they wanted to add a personal touch. Since this was to be […]

A couple of new designs are up!

I just introduced three new designs to the shop! You might recognize the first one, as it’s an adaptation of a design I showed a while back. I muted the colors a bit and I love the tranquil look of it. In keeping with the abstracts theme, I added a geometric abstract design that has […]

Papel Picado Ketubah

Papel Picado Ketubah

  Papercutting in Mexico is called papel picado. It is considered a folk art and has its own tradition behind it. A couple getting married in Mexico wanted me to design a ketubah in the style of papel picado. Many of the traditional  motifs involve skeletons, doves, and roses. And the colors are usually very bold. I […]

Custom Papercut Ketubah

New Bespoke Ketubah Design

I have been very busy with custom ketubah orders. I just finished this one. It is a multi-layer papercut. My client originally came to me with a very simple request. She wanted some trees to represent the fact that she and her fiancee love the outdoors and a portrait of their dog. She also said […]