New Chicago Skyline Papercut Ketubah Design

Chicago 2

Chicago 1A couple in Chicago wanted a papercut ketubah design that really shows off the skyline. There are lots of magnificent buildings in Chicago, so I had to utilize the entire length of the paper I use in an intense horizontal layout. Even at full size, I was working with cuts as narrow as 1/64″. Watching the layers come together as planned was extremely satisfying. Because everything lined up beautifully in the end, the gold back layer shone through perfectly unobstructed.

Chicago 14

The windows are small and you can see that I had to cut through several layers in order to let the gold backing show through. Chicago 12 Chicago 11  Chicago 9

There are three separate layers for the buildings. The entire Chicago skyline is represented to scale in this design and even the smaller buildings and those further in the distance are accurate to life.Chicago 8 Chicago 7 Chicago 6 Chicago 5 Chicago 4 Chicago 3