Tree Ketubahs

Trees are by far the most popular design element in a ketubah. Year after year, tree ketubah designs are the most sought after. The symbolism of the tree makes it an ideal element to encapsulate in one image what a marriage is and should be. A tree is often seen as an echo of the biblical Tree of Life. This is a beautiful image to have in the home, but a ketubah with a tree design means much more than this. A tree symbolizes growth and stability. Every year a tree grows bigger and stronger, much as one would want a marriage to. Always reaching upwards, growth is supported by deep roots. As a metaphor this is perfect. Marriage is the foundation that roots a couple and provides the stability required to grow together over time, growing taller, stronger, more stable. Trees are also how families are commonly visualized, branching off into the future from one solid foundation. As a symbol for marriage there is nothing more apt than the tree, it is no wonder that tree ketubahs will always be sought after and valued for their beauty and symbolism. A papercut tree ketubah is a perfect medium for the metaphor. Itself created out of trees, paper holds a physical structure that can be explored visually and through touch.

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