City Skyline Ketubahs

Skyline ketubah designs reflect the couple’s unique story. Where we live plays a large role in who we become. Our cities or towns are the backdrops of our lives. The place where we meet our spouses; the place where we make our homes. It is fitting, then that many couples want their ketubah to not only serve as a document of their union, but for the artwork to honor their shared history. A skyline ketubah is as contemporary as a design can be. It is thoroughly distinct from what one would classically envision as ketubah art, but they are becoming some of the most popular motifs in the 21st century. The ketubah becomes a snapshot of who the couple were when they got married. No matter where life takes you, the time spent living in the place you were when your lives came together will forever hold a special place. A couple from New York city will always smile when they see their NYC skyline ketubah even after they move to the suburbs. A couple from Chicago will always remember the skyline even after they move to L.A., and so it is that a record of your place in time can turn your ketubah into an intensely personal work of art.

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