Nature Ketubahs

Nature ketubahs are based on the general idea of natural forms, including animals, plants, and scenery. Nature ketubah designs are exceptionally in tune with today’s sensibilities. Traditional forms and motifs take second place, instead putting a focus on imagery. There is no overt Judaica style in play in these designs. They stand on their own and from a distance it might not be immediately obvious that what’s hanging on the wall is actually a ketubah. This makes them highly versatile in a modern setting and they would not look out of place inside any home. By virtue of the fact that papercutting is inherently a “green” art form, the form and the message are in harmony. A papercut ketubah is environmentally friendly. The paper used is responsibly harvested from renewable sources, and since there aren’t any printing inks involved, there are no toxic pigments involved in the creation of these ketubahs.

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