Hamsa Ketubahs

Hamsa ketubahs are classic and closely associated with traditional ketubahs. We offer a contemporary take on classic hamsa ketubah designs. Instead of relying on the traditional imagery these hamsa ketubahs feature clean edges, modern sensibilities, and would not look out of place in any 21st century home. This is in part due to the complex patterning in the designs, that echo ancient forms, but are not direct representations of them. Nonetheless, a hamsa is a timeless motif in a ketubah. It is a symbol closely associated with good fortune and is a common sight in Jewish homes. The hamsa is a perennial favorite ketubah design element for couples that want a connection with tradition Jewish history. It can also be a unique and appealing design option without regard to its traditional connotations since each hamsa stands on its own from a purely design aesthetic sense, relying on patterning, layout, and intricate layering techniques.

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