Geometric Ketubahs

Geometric ketubahs featuring abstract forms and intricate patterns. These designs can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical and the patterning might be the design focus or merely a main element. Their main defining characteristic is a repeating pattern that lends them visual interest without literally referencing a particular object. Many of these abstract designs will be designed after certain elements. Helios, for example references the sun. Other designs might reference calligraphic pen motions. Geometric forms are what immediately comes to mind when one imagines a papercut ketubah. These shapes allow for a high degree of intricacy that takes advantage of the unique structural qualities of paper. Stacked layers make the effect even more striking, and can be so visually complex that viewers can become lost in trying to work out how everything fits together. Geometric ketubahs are highly decorative and lend an air of sophistication to the ketubah. These are timeless designs and will continue to look fresh and contemporary in perpetuity.

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