Floral Ketubahs

Floral ketubahs are timeless. They echo the wedding design and have an elegant simplicity that looks great no matter the context. A floral ketubah design can be completely based around flowers, such as the roses and peonies ketubahs; or have flowers as a central motif, such as the papel picado design. A floral ketubah can be customized with any type of flower. For example, state flowers to reference a specific place, and wedding bouquet flowers can be a reminder of the wedding. Floral motifs are often delicate and lacy, which is an attribute that perfectly matches the nature of papercut art. The feeling of soft petals is echoed in the paper itself in a way that a painting or photograph could never achieve. Some couples think a floral design is inherently feminine, but this is not accurate. Through the use of color and design, a floral ketubah can look can look either soft and delicate or bold and powerful.

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