Ketubah Text and Color Options

The ketubah text has a long history that stretches back two thousand years, and is the foundation on which all Jewish weddings are built upon. The traditional text is still used today by orthodox and conservative communities, and remains unchanged since Talmudic times. It is still written in the ancient Aramaic language it was originally composed in. As Judaism continues to evolve, there are many modern options for the ketubah text that reflect the values held by different communities today. Ranging from slight variations on the traditional Aramaic text that have accumulated throughout the centuries, to the new texts composed in the 20th century to reflect and accommodate the different ways people practice Judaism around the world today.

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Traditional Ketubah Texts


Reform Ketubah Texts


Humanist Ketubah Texts


Egalitarian Ketubah Texts


Modern Ketubah Texts


Color and Font Options


Below you can download a PDF with all the available ketubah text options in a single document. The last page of the PDF includes the font and color options.


You also have the option to provide a ketubah text of your own as an MS Word document.