Brian and Deena’s Ketubah

Brian putting his signature on his white sunburst ketubah It’s wonderful to hear back from past clients. Brian and Deena were kind enough to share these beautiful photos from their wedding. Their ketubah is the Helios design in white, gray and gold.

Finding the Perfect Jewish Wedding Dress

Finding a wedding dress for a Jewish wedding doesn’t need to be stressful Finding the perfect traditional Jewish wedding dress is not an easy task. When I was looking for my own wedding dress years ago, I had certain specifications I was set on. I had this idea in my head of my “perfect” dress. I […]

papercutsbyoren display ready packaging

Display Ready Packaging is Here!

Your ketubah will now arrive in brand new display ready packaging material ready to display at the wedding. The package will ship flat with two boards of lightweight PVC. It is extremely durable, flexible, unbreakable, lightweight, water resistant, and easy to clean if it arrives mistreated by the courier. A quick wipe with an alcohol swab […]

Free DIY Rosh Hashanah Cards!

Rosh Hashanah is coming up and I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and joyous new year. I designed a papercut Rosh Hashanah card you can print and cut yourself. You can find it in my downloads page, here. The card is absolutely free for your personal use. You can make a set and give them […]

Tracey Custom Ketubah Closeup

A Custom Ketubah Order Featuring the City of Boston

I really enjoyed working on this commission for a custom ketubah order. The request left a lot of room for interpretation. The instructions were for this ketubah to include the bride’s two cats, include some elements from the couple’s life, and to use some bright metallic accents. Originally I went with a design that looked […]

Papel Picado Ketubah

Papel Picado Ketubah

  Papercutting in Mexico is called papel picado. It is considered a folk art and has its own tradition behind it. A couple getting married in Mexico wanted me to design a ketubah in the style of papel picado. Many of the traditional  motifs involve skeletons, doves, and roses. And the colors are usually very bold. I […]

ACEO Birds of Paradise

New Papercut ACEO Are Up!

What’s an ACEO? It stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. This is a very specific medium in which the artwork must be exactly 3.5″x2.5″, or the size of a trading card. ACEOs are collectible and display well in a frame, and make perfect gifts. In other words, these are exceptionally intricate miniature papercut works […]

Classical Jewish Papercut

What is Jewish Papercutting?

Today Jewish papercutting is almost synonymous with the art of the ketubah. In the past few decades the art form has seen a veritable renaissance in Israel, with artists really pushing the medium to its thematic and technical limits. What does it mean for papercutting to be “Jewish,” though? Papercut artwork has been a part […]