Custom Ketubah With Redwood Trees 12

Andrea and Andrew’s Ketubah With Trees – Redwoods and Bike

Andrea and Andrew live in a landscape dominated by massive redwood trees. Because of the impact of their surroundings, it made sense that they wanted their custom ketubah with trees. The scale of redwood forests is hard to grasp, but this was clearly something that they wanted to emphasize in a custom design. Admittedly, this meant that I […]


Is the ketubah a legal document?

The ketubah is more valuable than you think It is a misconception that the ketubah is an anachronism. It is often thought of as a tradition that refers to a bygone era. This is very far from the truth. The ketubah is one of the basic requirements for a Jewish wedding, along with the chuppah and […]

Papel Picado Ketubah

Papel Picado Ketubah

  Papercutting in Mexico is called papel picado. It is considered a folk art and has its own tradition behind it. A couple getting married in Mexico wanted me to design a ketubah in the style of papel picado. Many of the traditional  motifs involve skeletons, doves, and roses. And the colors are usually very bold. I […]

Made In Magazine

I Was Featured In Made In Magazine

I did an interview for Made In Magazine. They asked me a lot of very personal questions ranging from my papercut ketubah art to what my favorite drink is. It’s a glimpse into my life if you’re curious. Click the here to see the article.

PapercutsByOren Finally has a new website

This is a very exciting day. After going this past year with only Etsy as my main website, I finally decided to create my own home on the web. This will provide all the information you would want about my work, a convenient place to communicate with me, and a place where you can purchase […]