This multi-layer ketubah depicts the peace and tranquility of a lake by the mountains. Whether you love nature or you want a ketubah to reflect a tranquil and serene future together, this ketubah will speak to you. The understated design belies its complexity, as it is actually composed of five different layers, plus one additional text layer.

You will be provided with a wide variety of text options to choose from, or you can provide your own text as an editable file (txt or doc).

The default color for this design is as shown in the photograph, but you can choose any combination of colors to match your personality or to create a particular mood. The scene can be made to depict various times of day. It can be serene or dramatic, depending on the colors selected–and thousands of combinations are possible. Keep in mind that each computer screen displays colors a bit differently so colors may not be exactly as shown, but they will be.

Each ketubah is made with 100% acid free museum quality paper. The text is created with long lasting fade resistant archival pigment inks and will last a lifetime.


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