Budget Ketubahs

This line of budget ketubahs is designed to fit any wedding budget. There is no compromise in terms of quality. These are the same hand-made paper-cut ketubahs that Papercuts by Oren is known for. The only difference is the price. This line of ketubahs is priced similarly to the average ketubah print you would find online. This is possible because I have streamlined the process of how I create these designs. Specifically, there are three major elements that help keep costs down. Firstly, the text is not personalized by default (there are blank spaces for the rabbi to fill out at the wedding). This means that production time is reduced dramatically. Instead of requiring several weeks to finalize and approve, these designs are ready to go within days. Second, is the format. These designs fit the 11×17 or A3 standards. This means that the backing layers are all in standard sizes, which reduces the assembly time. A standard size is also great for you because it means that you will also save money on framing since these designs are made to fit off the shelf frames. No custom framing means big savings. And lastly, the designs are single layer papercuts. Taken all together, these factors combine to give you a top of the line handmade work of art at an unbeatable budget-conscious price.

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